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What Is a VCC (Virtual Credit Cards)?

The easiest method to envision the idea of a virtual credit line could be to imagine your credit card in its physical appearance and reduced to an account number that is 16 digits long. You’ve likely been required to read your card’s number on the phone or input it online when you shop, and you’ve got the basic idea of how it operates.

However, what’s unique with a VCC (virtual credit cards) is that it does not have the same security restrictions as physical cards do. VCC (virtual credit cards) create a unique number for your card for every transaction you make, which protects your account number. They’re typically designed to be used only once; therefore, even if the company with which you’ve conducted business was subject to a breach in data security and your card’s number was found, your account wouldn’t be affected.

VCC (virtual credit cards) give you more flexibility. You can make new numbers for your cards at different retailers, alter your card’s number at any time or set spending limits. You can even erase or lock the card number without impacting the existing account. VCC (virtual credit cards) are only valid to make online buys, a few phone transactions, and (if you connect an account with Apple Pay and Google Pay) in certain physical shops that accept these Apple and Google payment methods.

The Benefits From buy VCC

The Benefits From VCC (Virtual Credit Cards)

The most significant benefit of using VCC (virtual credit cards) is their ability to shut down the account. If the account number is revealed during a data breach because you did not use an online credit card, you’ll need to have your primary credit card account number renewed. This means you’ll receive an entirely new account number. However, this could cause problems with any vendor that you’ve set up recurring payments with your old card number.

The VCC (virtual credit cards) lets you keep your primary credit card account in good standing. While at the same time, closing the VCC (virtual credit cards) reduces the chance of having your primary account exposed in the event of a breach. This also eliminates the trouble of locating and resetting your recurring payments with different vendors than the one affected in the data breach.

If you’re looking to concentrate on limiting your spending at specific merchants using a VCC (virtual credit cards), it can be helpful too. If your card issuer is a good one, it is possible to establish an account with a virtual number that corresponds to the amount you want to spend in your head. When you’ve reached that limit, you’ll not be able to make further charges using the account number.

Negatives Associated with VCC (Virtual Credit Cards)

Returning online buys to a physical store may be difficult using VCC (virtual credit cards). Certain stores will require you to use the credit card used to buy to receive the refund to the card you used to buy it. The amount of time for the refund to appear on your card is determined depending on the card issuer and the vendor.

It’s not possible to do this using a VCC (virtual credit cards). In such cases, you might have to take a gift card from a store card instead of receiving the amount back on your card.

VCC (virtual credit cards) with short expiration dates can create problems for subscriptions. To ensure that your subscription is active, you’ll need to change the credit card number every time it expires. If you don’t have your password, your subscription may be suspended.

Online Virtual Credit Card Services

Who is The Company That Offers Online Virtual Credit Card Services?

Two important issuers are offering VCC (virtual credit cards). What you should be aware of about each one.

Capital One Eno

  • Capital One offers VCC (virtual credit cards) via their assistant Eno website browser extensions.
  • After installing the extension and activating it, you can shop normally. If you’re ready for checking out, click the extension button for your browser to create a virtual credit or debit card that can be used at that specific retailer.
  • The extension will also direct you to the Capital One website, where you can control your account, view, or even erase the numbers on your virtual account that you have already created.

Citi accounts with virtual numbers

  • Citi provides virtual account numbers for selected cards via a web-based tool or a download program for personal computers. Through Citi’s tool, you can create virtual accounts with dollar limits and establish expiration dates.
  • It also lets you view the details of each unique account number and buys made using digital account numbers. Like other tools, you can also shut down individual virtual accounts using this tool provided by Citi.
  • Be aware of the following: Citi numbers for virtual accounts are only utilized for mail order transactions.
Benefits and Features of VCC

Benefits and Features of VCC

Provides enhanced security

  • VCC (virtual credit cards) offer the option of a single-use. The credit card number is valid for a certain period that can range from 24 hours to 48 hours.
  • Hours. Since the card can be used only online, it reduces the chance of theft or misuse.
  • In certain situations, the cardholder may remove the card from their account if they don’t need it.

It comes with a transfer limit.

Like the physical cards for credit, VCCs have a predetermined credit limit. Customers can make multiple transactions within limits. The credit limit is similar to the card that was used as the primary.

Immediate availability

Since card issuers can provide VCCs via the web, users can access them right away for necessary transactions.

Instant online application, as well as blocking facility

  • Cardholders can apply online and remove their CC immediately in the event of suspected fraud.
  • CVV remains the same throughout.
  • A virtual credit’s CVV credit is identical if the credit card is active, regardless of the number of transactions that a user makes. It is the only way to ensure that it stays the same.
  • The card’s value changes when the customer decides to cancel the card and gets a new card in its place.
  • It is issued to the primary customer.
  • AVC is only issued for the primary cardholder and not to an add-on cardholder that is not the card’s primary.
How Do You Use a Virtual Credit or Debit Card

How Do You Use a Virtual Credit or Debit Card?

A VCC is only available for online transactions and does not cover physical swipes. Customers must follow the steps listed below to finish transactions when you use them to pay for buys or transactions.

1. Enter the card number.

2. Enter the required validity

3. Verify using OTP that was sent to your registered mobile number.

4. Complete transaction

Do You Need to Apply for VCC?

A VCC offers additional security over physical credit cards with its benefits and features. The benefits also include.

The remaining credit limit will be transferred at the date of expiry. When the VCC expires, any remaining balance will be transferred to the card used as the primary.

Available at zero cost/ fees: 

Presently, banks offer these cards at no cost. There is no requirement to pay any charges or fees when using it.

International and national transactions can be made:

The advantages of CCs go to international and national transactions, which allows cardholders to buy online easily.

However, users must make sure they confirm their decision on VCC applications after considering the following points.

The presence of an initial credit card is required for the issue of the VCC. The person must acquire a physical card to access and utilize it.

The use of VCC at physical shops is limited. That means that customers cannot buy anything at outlet stores or shopping malls.

Furthermore, since VCCs’ use is limited only to transactions online, the users cannot withdraw cash using it.

We suggest considering the advantages and disadvantages of the VCC before applying for one. If the drawbacks outweigh the advantages, customers can opt for alternatives such as Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard with robust security features, including zero-fault liability and in-hand security.

Other desirable benefits of the card include impressive annual savings, cash withdrawals that are interest-free for up to 50 days, and repayment via simple EMIs and personal loans against the limit of credit that you have not used.

Why Should People Use VCC

Why Should People Use VCC (Virtual Credit Cards)?

Digital card numbers can be great ways for consumers to safely and effortlessly shop online while safeguarding their important account details. Customers with credit, debit, or charge accounts with VCC (virtual credit card) numbers don’t have to apply for an account with a new credit card or submit a new credit inquiry.

Your card issuer controls the number of VCC (virtual credit cards); therefore, you can easily make new numbers with any expiration date and spending limit suitable for its usage. Although some additional steps are needed to generate VCC (virtual credit card) numbers, your actual account number is secured. It provides additional security since banks or card issuers can also offer additional protection against fraud to safeguard customers from fraud.

Are VCC (virtual credit cards) numbers secure?

Yes, many VCC (virtual credit card) issuers protect sensitive data on encrypted cards to allow for the transmission of data virtually. Card program administrators and card issuers can activate cards, and cardholders may set PINs (personal identification numbers) that may be required to buy. The issuer is responsible for the secure transmission of sensitive card information, including the principal account numbers (PAN) PIN, expiration dates, and CVV (card verification value).

VCC (virtual credit cards) numbers comply with the PCI DSS (payment card industry standards for data security), which means that transactions can be completed without a doubt for the person who owns the VCC (virtual credit cards) as well as the card program manager or the card issuer, as well as the person who receives the funds.

What is the Significance of VCC

What is the Significance of VCC (Virtual Credit Cards) Numbers? 

As security and privacy become more crucial in our society, and as business demands grow more complex, VCC (virtual credit card) numbers offer an opportunity to reduce fraud while improving the ability to control spending and report tools. Consumers will not have to submit fraudulent charge claims to their card issuers and banks through the use of VCC (virtual credit card) numbers. 

This also makes it simpler for children of relatives to conduct transactions more safely and securely on the internet and in shops. Businesses can better manage cash flow and make payments easier to access through VCC (virtual credit card) numbers, getting to employees, business partners, and vendors faster than physical cards.

As the use of digital payment becomes more commonplace, traditional credit cards with magstripes or chips will be more expensive to use with physical equipment, leading to a greater risk of fraud. The VCC (virtual credit cards) number is yet another option that card issuers and banks can use to help facilitate payments quicker and more securely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you define VCC (virtual credit cards)?

VCC (virtual credit cards) are an online copy of your credit card, only authorized to be used online. The card’s information, including the number, CVV number, and expiry date, are available to you on the internet, via your mobile application or website. You can make use of it to complete all online transactions.

VCC (virtual credit cards) allow you to easily transact anywhere and without disclosing details about your primary credit card to merchants. Like a traditional credit card, every transaction is eligible for reward points by the conditions stipulated in the agreement between banks.

Who is eligible to be eligible to apply for this card? Did standard charter VCC (virtual credit cards)?

Standard Chartered VCC (virtual credit cards) is ideal for those looking for a seamless online experience using immediately activated cards. The card’s details will be accessible via the Online Banking platform only for the first 60 days after the date of the card’s set-up.

How can I apply to get a Standard Chartered VCC (virtual credit cards)?

Apply for a Standard Chartered VCC (virtual credit cards) in just a few easy steps. You can also get your card information on the Online Banking platform even before the physical card is handed to you. 

Follow these steps to complete the application and receive the details of your VCC (virtual credit cards):

  • Visit
  • Select the credit card that you prefer
  • Complete your application and confirm your details with an OTP to complete your application
  • Instant Approval in Principle*
  • After successfully validating your KYC and other documents, a VCC (virtual credit cards) will become in your account immediately.
  • Log in to Internet Banking using the temp ID and password that you received on your mobile number registered to you and obtain the information for your virtual account.
  • Use your credit card’s details for secure and secure online transactions.

Approval in principle is contingent upon the details provided by the applicant during the application stage. Final approval is contingent on the validation of document-based data provided during the document collection stage.

How can I make use of a VCC (virtual credit cards)?

It is possible to utilize the card number and CVV for online transactions the way you would with a normal card. The steps for using your card online at the point of checkout are as follows:

1. Enter the VCC (virtual credit cards) number.

2. Input the expiry date on the back of your card.

3. Verify the OTP number that was sent to your mobile

4. Complete the transaction

What kind of transactions may I make use of with this VCC (virtual credit cards)?

You can make use of the VCC (virtual credit cards) to make all online transactions, which includes:

1. Bookings for travel-related services like flights, hotels, car rentals, and hotel reservations

2. Online shopping transactions can be paid for on the majority of websites

3. Online payments are accepted for Netflix, Google, Apple, and more.

4. Online utility bill payment Automated or ad-hoc

5. Booking entertainment options like movie tickets

Are they more secure than a traditional credit card?

VCC (virtual credit cards) are safer than physical credit cards because there is no misuse due to theft or loss. Your personal information is visible only to you and available only through an OTP confirmation from your mobile. Additionally, your primary credit account details aren’t accessible to merchants when using an online credit card number.

Do CVV numbers change each time you use a VCC (virtual credit cards) for online transactions?

It is important to note that the CVV is the same for each online credit card.

What is the limit of the VCC (virtual credit cards) I have?

The limits on the VCC (virtual credit cards) are the same limit as the primary card. However, it is possible to lower the limit. You can do that.

Bottom line

VCC (virtual credit cards) can assure you when making buys on the internet or over the phone. If the VCC (virtual credit cards) is compromised, you can remove or lock it using one click and then continue to use the credit card you use for your primary.

The process of getting the VCC (virtual credit card) number could be an easy task. Credit card issuers offering VCC (virtual credit cards) could provide zero fraud liability policies.

If you’re worried about the possibility of being victimized in a data breach and then having to close the main account with a lot of recurring payment accounts connected to it, you’ll surely appreciate the extra amount of security that the VCC (virtual credit cards) intended to offer.